LindaMayDinsmore VirtHeadShotThanks for visiting and allow me introduce myself. My name is Linda May Dinsmore and I am “addicted to Travel”

I have been working in the travel industry since 1985 and when I am not sending my clients on a trip, I am on a trip !

I not only sell travel but I live, breathe and feel it. I want my clients to experience some of the wonder that I have been fortunate enough to do in my life. When you travel, you learn how others live differently, speak differently, act differently and you come away with a better understanding of the their culture, habits, life and it enriches you. Your world opens up and memories are made that will last a lifetime.
Ten years down the road, you won’t remember how much the trip cost, but you’ll remember how it made you feel.

So if you are at a point in your life when you’re ready to experience that Bucket-list trip and would rather not trust your hard earned money to a call center agent who hasn’t travelled anywhere or deal with an impersonal online booking engine who only thinks of you as a number, why not benefit from my years of experience & traveling to help you plan your next unique vacation.


My office is located right on the Canada/US Border so I speak both languages (you know postal code & zip code – Celsius and Fahrenheit, etc !)

Linda at the SOS Children's Village in Jamaica

Linda at the SOS Children’s Village in Jamaica

I am also a firm believer in giving back both in my community and globally. In my community, I am involved with our local Food Bank and Christmas Bureau. Countrywide, I’ve been a part of the Breakfast Clubs of Canada. Globally,  I have been involved in some projects with TPI for the past few years, helping a womens & childrens shelter in Cancun, a rural school in the Dominican and most recently, the SOS Children’s Village in Jamaica.  I was very moved by my visit there where we met with the “Mothers” of the children they look after. Their main focus is helping neglected and abandoned children and orphans, as well as disadvantaged families. They provide a home and a sense of belonging and it made me realize how lucky I was to grow up in a happy family atmosphere.  I am now sponsoring a monthly donation to the SOS Village in Namibia as much help is needed in that country.

I look forward to helping you plan your next memorable experience and feel free to contact me at linda@balconytravel.com

or from Mon. to Sat. 9am to 5pm, call 604-540-8287 or toll free 1-877-543-8182
Thanks and May Today be Your Day to Travel !      Linda May Dinsmore