Contact Linda by email:  or by phone: call 604-540-8287 or toll free 1-877-543-8182

Or, take a moment to fill out the questions below. This will help me get to know you so that I can help you choose the perfect small group tour or cruise experience.
These questions will help narrow down when you can travel, what tours or cruises you’re interested in, the type of accommodation or cabin you’re looking for, cancellation and medical insurance needs and any other special requirements. I want to make sure that you get the most of your hard earned time away!
Once you have submitted the questions, I will either email or call you to see if you would like to proceed with planning your trip. Unless you have a specific travel date, due to the research time it takes to qualify the best itinerary, ship, airfare, insurance needs, etc – I charge a $125 planning fee which will be deducted from your final payment. If after you have been given all information requested and decide not to proceed with your trip, the planning fee is kept as a research fee.
With having 30 years travel experience, I can deliver personalized customer service and excellent support. You are not just data to me compared to booking online, you deserve to be treated like a real human being by a real human being. I actually care if you have a good trip or not and strive to make each one the best trip ever.

  • I can help decipher the differences in the types of tours and cruises offered by the cruise lines.  Some tours have 40 in their group and some have less than 16 – which would you prefer ?
  • I can help you choose where to sit on the airplane – would you really want to spend 12 hours on an overseas flight right next to the bathroom ? Ever booked a flight online only to find that “direct” does not mean non stop and your flight made two touchdowns on the way to your destination. Are transfers included with your trip ? If not, you don’t want to be fumbling with a taxi at an airport where you don’t speak the language.
  • Most people think they have cancellation insurance protection on their credit card but are shocked to learn that many cards only cover once you are in destination and if anything was to happen prior to departure, all monies paid would be completely forfeited.

With my expertise, I can guide you through all those scenarios and more. Thank you in advance for contacting me and I can’t wait to hear from you.